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Service Manager

James Bell

Preventive Maintenance Program

We provide everything from preventative maintenance plans to the emergency after hours repairs to get you operational. Our trained technicians handle everything from concrete plant and pug mill calibrations to setting up truck scales and integration software.  
This will include the following: 
* We do a multi-point test and record as found and as left conditions.
* Inspect for physical damage or worn parts, and if any are found we notify you. 
*We make any minor adjustments as needed.
* Calibration stickers will be affixed to the scale with the technicians name, date of calibration and the next due date. 
*We try our best to bring all the parts necessary to fix your scale on the job, however if we can not we will provide you with a temporary scale to get you back in business.
* On completion of an inspection report stating make, model, serial   numbers, location, capacity, inspection accuracy and corrected accuracy if applicable. Reports are provided at the time of completion.
*We maintain an inventory of parts for the scales we sell and service to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible.​